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JOP for Education in Computer Science

JOP has an academic friendly licence (see). The availability of the full source makes JOP a nice vehicle for various courses.

University Courses

  • The Java Virtual Machine in Hardware at Vienna University of Technology
  • Digital Signal Processing, Lab
  • CMD-DDM2: Distributed Data Mining at Copenhagen Business School
  • CMD-VSIS04: Very Small Information Systems at Dept. of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School
  • Distributed Systems at Dept. of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School
  • If you use JOP for teaching drop me a note and I will include your course in this list.

    A Talk

    This talk gives an introduction to JOP. The video was recorded during an invited talk given at the Workshop on Java in Embedded Systems, March 2006, Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Teaching Material

    Java and the JVM ppt pdf
    The Java Virtual Machine ppt pdf
    JOP Overview ppt pdf
    JOP Design Flow ppt pdf
    An Efficient Stack Machine ppt pdf
    A Time Predictable Instruction Cache for a Java Processor ppt pdf
    Real-Time Java ppt pdf
    Real-Time Java on JOP ppt pdf
    Embedded Systems Introduction tex pdf
    IO in Embedded Systems ppt pdf
    VHDL in 1h ppt pdf
    VSIS class exercises tex pdf

    Further Material

    We started a Wikiversity course an a related topic. Feel free to participate in this open process.

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