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LEON and NIOS on the Cyclone Board


This section contains a configuration of LEON, the GPL version of Sun's SPARC V8 from Gaisler Research for the Cyclone Board.

Download the LEON sources from Gaisler Research and extract leon-jopdesign-ep1c12.tar.gz into the grlib directory. Follow the build process as described in the very fine documentation that comes with LEON.


nios.pdf gives a short introduction how to build a NIOS system with the Cycore board. Full SOPC Build information is available from Altera.


This section contains a ready to use configured NIOS processor for the Cyclone Board. This NIOS configuration is used with jopvm.c to compare JOP against a a software implementation of the JVM on exact the same hardware platform.


I want to thank Peter Schrammel for his configuartion of NIOS for the Cyclone board. He did this port as part of his BS work. Information (in german) is available at link.

Getting Started

This sections is a step by step description to get NIOS up and running:
  • Download and extract it in any folder.
  • Start Quartus and open the project cyclone32.quartus.
  • Compile the project: Processing -> Start Compilation.
  • Download the configuartion:
    • Tools -> Programmer
    • Processing -> Auto Detect
    • Double click on the second entry and select cyclon32.sof
    • Enable Program/Configure for the EP1C6
    • Processing -> Start Programming
    • You can save this configuration for later use
  • Download a first program to NIOS:
    • Open a DOS box (cmd.exe).
    • Change to directory ...\cpu_sdk\src.
    • Download with: nios-run hello.srec.
    • jopvm.srec is a software Java Virtual Machine for NIOS.
If you want to compile the C programs you need the GNUPro Toolkit for NIOS.

It is part of Alteras SOPC Builder. Although the toolkit is under GNU licence, it is not available for download from Alteras Website. You can find an instruction on how to obtain the sources at Altera support. A port of the NIOS tools for Linux is available at sourceforge: cdk4nios.

I have used an old SOPC Builder (V 2.62), that I found on one of Alteras marketing CDs, to compile the examples.

If you want to use this configuration with a different board you need a board with external memory and you have to change the the top level design file (cyclone32.vhd).

Copyright © 2000-2007, Martin Schoeberl