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Free Tools

JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition Java compiler and runtime.

JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME Platform) Tools for the J2ME (you need jcc).

Leonardo Spectrum VHDL synthesis for Altera FPGAs.

MAX+PLUS II BASELINE Place and route for Altera FPGAs.

Java Processors avaliable or in development

Sun anounced 1996 a Java processor. But Sun never implemented it.Sun sold licences to Fujitsu Limited, NEC Corporation, IBM Corporation and Rockwell Collins, Inc. Since 19xx the core is ‘free’ and avaliable from Sun (picoJava) in Verilog.

Advancel Logic Corp.: A soft core in Verilog. Part of JVM byte codes are executed in HW. Size of he design: 45-90 kGates.

aJile processor with periphery interprets byte code with micro instructions, real time core. JStamp is a small, low cost board with this processor.

Zucotto Wireless Inc. Another Java Processor with integrated standard periphery.

Vulcan Machines Soft core: 3,840 LCs and 10 EABs in Altera FPGA. Byte code is interpreted. Reference design on Altera development board (22% of APEX 20K400E).

Nazomi Communications Java co-processor as soft core (Verilog, 30 kGates plus 45 kBits).

Aurora VLSI, Inc. Different soft cores plus a realisation in silizium.

Derivation Systems, Inc. (DSI) LavaCORE JavaTM soft processor core, part of the Xilinx Platform FGPA initiative.

TINI A very small system based on iButton with a lot of references in the internet but NOT a real Java Processor.

Imsys AB Cjip a softcore (?) with instrucion set for the JVM. Chip avaliable ???

Java Processors research at Universities

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Resources for FPGA design

FPGA FAQ VHDL and Verilog cores under GPL.

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